We offer the following types of membership:

  • BASIC MEMBERSHIP – £45.00 Per Month – this allows a student to train in one session weekly in one discipline (Karate or Kickboxing)

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  • UNLIMITED MEMBERSHIP – £63.00 Per Month – this allows a student to train as many times as they like in both disciplines (Karate and Kickboxing).

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  • AFTER SCHOOL KARATE CLASS PROGRAMME – £29.00 Per Month – based on a 39 week year (students are not charged for any school holidays). One after school karate lesson per week in term time.

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*Sibling/family discount available on Basic & Unlimited memberships – please contact us for more details/prices

Fees can be paid monthly or annually. Full Memberships are based on a 46 week year (2 week Christmas break, 2 week Summer break, 1 week for the World Championships and 1 week personal holiday for the instructor). After school memberships are based on a 39 week year. Memberships will be paid by Direct Debit to Nest Management / Sean Kinsella Martial Arts. Missed payments will result in a membership being void.