Sean Kinsella Martial Arts


Sean Kinsella

Chief Instructor - 6th Dan in Wado Ryu Karate and Kickboxing

The founder of SKMA Sensei Sean Kinsella is a 6th Dan Black Belt in Wado Ryu Karate.
Sensei Sean created his own Kickboxing Programme which caters for Kickboxing and K1.

Sensei Sean's journey in Martial Arts started in 1988 aged just 7, however he would find a keen interest in Wado Ryu Karate from 1993 onwards. Sensei Sean would then go on to achieve his 1st Dan Black Belt in June 1997, followed by 2nd Dan in 2001, 3rd Dan in 2004, and 4th Dan in 2008. These Gradings were examined by Sensei Chris Kent 7th Dan, Sensei Terry Robins 5th Dan, and Sensei Keith Collier 4th Dan.

Sensei Sean's 4th Dan was also examined by Shihan Robert Heale Mason (Comissioner of ISKA USA), and in 2013 Sensei Sean received his 5th Dan, followed by 6th Dan in 2019.
Sensei Sean opened his first Karate school in July 1999 on his 18th Birthday and since this time has helped over 130 students achieve Black Belt and beyond.

At SKMA we teach various Disciples including Karate Weapons, Kata, Sport Karate, Kickboxing and K1, our students have seen success in all levels, Sensei Sean has created numerous Champions achieving English, British, European and World Titles in various disciplines.

Sensei Sean has had the honour of being taught by Master Tatsou Suzuki 8th Dan, Bill Wallace (kickboxing Legend 10th Dan), and Sensei Wayne Otto (9x World Champion).