Martial Arts Classes across East Sussex

At SKMA we teach Wado Ryu Karate, Full Contact Kickboxing and K1. We have offered classes throughout East Sussex to both Children and Adults since July 1999, helping 147 students achieve Blackbelt and beyond, whilst creating numerous English, British, European and World champions in many disciplines.


SKMA Chief Instructor Sensei Sean Kinsella 6th Dan has a goal of helping all who join our school the chance to reach very high standards in their chosen Martial Art. We are a friendly family run school that like to help our community achieve goals that they never thought possible. We encourage twice weekly training for the best results, offering two sessions a week in all of our locations.

SKMA is a Members only school, we are registered with FEKO International Governing body for our FEKO/FMA member to member insurance, which is also registered with WUKF.

Our Classes

SKMA Karate & Kickboxing

At SKMA we offer classes in three different locations, combining Wado Ryu Karate and Kickboxing. We strongly believe training in both disciplines can have very useful benefits for our Martial Artists.

We offer regular local Gradings (Belt Tests) to our students, competition access and flexibility to train in any of our locations. We also offer seminars, Easter/Summer camps and children's karate parties.

Our SKMA fighters have represented us and England around the globe including, Jamaica, Germany, Greece, and Ireland.

We offer our members monthly weapons seminars that teach the following... Sword, BO/JO Staff, Sai, Tonfa, Kama, Nunchaku.

When you join our school and see our work ethic it is easy to see why our students have achieved so much.

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Sean Kinsella Martial Arts


Sean Kinsella
Chief Instructor - 6th Dan in Wado Ryu Karate and Kickboxing

Sean Kinsella

Chief Instructor - 6th Dan in Wado Ryu Karate and Kickboxing

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Childrens Karate 10am-11am

Youth/Adult Karate 11am-12noon

Teens/Adult Kickboxing/K1 12noon-1pm

 Eastbourne Karate & Kickboxing Classes

All Souls Church Hall
Susans Road Eastbourne East Sussex BN21 3RJ
Tel: 07983609263

 Crowborough Karate & Kickboxing Classes

Crowborough St Johns WI Hall
Ghyll Road Crowborough East Sussex TN6 1ST
Tel: 07983609263

 Playden Karate & Kickboxing Classes

Playden W.I. Hall
Houghton Green Lane Playden / Rye East Sussex TN31 7PL
Tel: 07983609263

 Rye Karate & Kickboxing Classes

Tilling Green Community Centre
Mason Road Rye East Sussex TN31 7BE
Tel: 07983609263

 Eastbourne Adult & Children's Karate and Kickboxing classes

St Barnabas United Church
Kingfisher Drive, Langley Eastbourne East Sussex BN23 7RL
Tel: 07983609263

What People Say

"I only joined kickboxing to get fit, I didn't think I'd remember all the combinations. The more classes I did, the better I got and Ive now been dong it 18 months and gained 4 belts. Im so proud of myself."

Lewis ~ age 12

"I suffer from a mental health illness called EUPD. I can honestly say that kickboxing gets out all pent up frustration and energy in a healthy way. I have also made some lifelong friends there too which isn't always easy as a busy working parent. Thanks Sean!"


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